The Disk of Phaistos
Disc of Phaistos
  The disc of Phaistos, was found at the beginning of this century amid the ruins of the ancient town of Phaistos in Crete during the campain of the Italian archaeologist F.Halbherr, and it is a singularity in the series of written documentations of the Past: no other registration has this kind of ideographs, or characters, and for this reason it is of difficult, if not impossible, deciphering. Nevertheless it is interesting to notice the kind of images representing the characters. We can see in fact concepts and situations according very good to a Mediterranean context:  plants, tools and weapons and animals ( i'm citing from the book of L.Godart "Il Disco di Festo: l'enigma di una Scrittura "). Among the various "characters" very realistic images of a warlike world can be noticed: soldiers and also prisoners: Is that possible now that potential victims of this world have very simply adopted concepts that for sure could inspire sadness or loathing?  Or, rather, was it a matter simply of a self-portrayal ?
 ...that is to say that, the head represented in ideogram #2 (the plumed head) would be either
the Author of the Disc, or of an allied.
testa chiomata
prigioniero ideogram of the prisoner (#4)
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Here a little attempt of mine to understand some aspects
of the language of the Disk of Phaistospush 

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